House Rules

When staying at Fossil Bay Lodge, all guests must abide by our "House Rules" to ensure everyone on the property - human and animal - feels safe, respected, and at ease. If you have any questions regarding our rules, you might find the answer in the FAQ below. If not, you can always get in touch via our contact page, as well.

Check in begins at 2pm / Check out no later than 11am.

To ensure each glamp is thoroughly cleaned for the next guest's arrival, we cannot accommodate early check ins or late check outs. We are happy for you to store your bags in our glass house (shared kitchen/lounge area) if you arrive earlier than 2pm. If arriving late, please be mindful of others and keep noise down as you make your way to your glamp.

Quiet hours are from 10pm to 9am.

As an outdoor retreat, we value tranquility for all guests and expect noise to be kept to a reasonable volume at all hours of the day. Since our glamps are made of canvas, noise is not contained to within the walls of your tent so please be extremely mindful of your volume - particularly after 10pm - and refrain from playing music loudly.

No parties or loud group activities.

For the comfort of other guests and the residents of Fossil Bay Farm (human and animal alike), loud parties and group activities are not permitted. As mentioned above, there is no soundproofing in our canvas glamps so sound will travel extensively across our property. Loud music and groups will not be tolerated.

The shared kitchen/lounge area is for everyone's use.

Our glass house features a full kitchen, cookware, lounge furniture, a fireplace, laundry, shower, toilet, and more. These amenities are available for everyone, so please be considerate of what you use and how. Clean up after yourself if you've used to kitchen, take out laundry as soon as it's finished, don't use other peoples' items, and respect the needs of others in the same space.

Please do not touch, chase, or feed the chickens, ducks, or cats.

Fossil Bay Farm is home to many animals, including wild and domestic birds, as well as several cats. Most of our birds had a rough life before finding a home with us and we strive to keep them as safe, healthy, and relaxed as possible. While you are free to take photos of the animals, we ask you please keep your distance and do not pursue them if they become nervous or run away from you. Furthermore, please do not feed the animals as we do not want them to get accustomed to begging for food from guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog with me during my stay?

Fossil Bay Lodge strictly prohibits dogs throughout the property. We have an abundance of wildlife, including wild and domestic birds, that we wish to keep safe. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you have any visitors coming to see you during your stay, they must also leave their pets at home.

Is Fossil Bay Lodge suitable for wheelchair access or those with mobility issues?

Our glamps are all situated amongst the natural landscape of the property and there are limited paved/flat paths. While the terrain is not difficult to traverse, it is inappropriate for wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility devices. Additionally, we do not have any accessibility features like handrails on the property or in the glamps.

Is there daily housekeeping?

No, we do not provide daily housekeeping but are happy to swap out towels, battery packs, or other items during longer stays upon request.

Are children allowed to stay?

Fossil Bay Lodge is a tranquil accommodation property meant for solo travellers or couples looking for a quiet getaway. As such, children are not permitted for the comfort of all guests as well as safety due to various water sources like ponds and drainage channels. Older teens, however, are permitted as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Do you do weddings or allow bookings for other events?

Sorry, no. We do not take bookings for weddings, parties, or other events.

Am I allowed to smoke or vape?

For the comfort of all guests, smoking and vaping is strictly prohibited everywhere on the property.

Do you have parking?

Yes. There is ample parking space in our nearby gravel car park and along the road next to the property. You are free to park there on a first come, first serve basis. 

Is there WiFi in the glamps?

Some of the glamps may be in range of our WiFi, but generally we encourage guests to disconnect from their phones and other devices while enjoying the natural surroundings! If you do require WiFi, though, it is accessible from within our shared kitchen/lounge area that we refer to as the glass house.

One of your chickens/ducks is injured!

It's more than likely that you've seen Hoppy Chicken or Hoppy Duck. They are both physically fine and not hurt. Both birds sustained injuries in the past that resulted in their hopping gait, but we assure you they lead happy, healthy lives regardless! If you do find an injured animal that appears bloodied or distressed, please notify us right away by calling the Manager from the phone inside the glass house.

Do you offer ferry pickup?

Sorry, we do not offer direct pickups. Taxis are usually plentiful meeting most ferry sailings in the summer, though, and the Waiheke public bus system is accessible with the use of an ATHop card.

How do I get to Waiheke Island?

As a passenger: There are two passenger ferry companies - Island Direct and Fullers360 - travelling to Waiheke from mainland Auckland. Island Direct and Fullers360 depart from the Auckland CBD Downtown Ferry Terminal at Queen's Wharf and will bring you to Matiatia Ferry Terminal on Waiheke. Both run on a mostly half-hourly schedule in summer. Tickets can be pre-booked via their websites or purchased when you walk up. We highly encourage you to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your sailing - or more on weekends during summer - as the queues can be very long.

With a vehicle: If you're looking to bring a car to the island, you will need to pre-book a ticket with SeaLink. All SeaLink vehicular ferries disembark from Kennedy Point Marina in Surfdale and Fossil Bay Lodge is a 10-minute drive from there.